Future Food Visions

About the Project

The Future Food Visions project features nine audio experiences that respond to a broad range of food security and food justice issues in the Guelph-Wellington region. Food Future Visions aims to support local community projects working to create a sustainable, equitable and circular food system across the region. These audio experiences bring to light the reality of our current food systems, typically unseen challenges, and the important work that local food organizations, community groups, and cultural communities are doing to help support those most affected by food insecurity.

Audio Experiences

All audio experiences are streamed through the Driftscape platform. Users can stream the audio experiences directly from the web using the links or the interactive driftscape map below. Alternatively you can download the Driftscape application on your mobile device (but this is not necessary). QR-codes connecting directly to each experience are also posted at their corresponding locations across Guelph (use the map below to identify locations near you).

While these programs are best experienced at the specific Guelph sites that are noted on each page, we invite you to listen to them at any location and to imagine the location discussed if you prefer.

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Stephen Donnelly – Producer

Ropheka Adofo – Communications and marketing

Graeme McClelland – Script writing support

Julie Labagnara – Script writing support

Cassandra Friesen – Writer, Performer

Samantha Heath – Writer, Performer

Meagan Downes – Writer, Performer

Mathhew Ivanoff – Writer, Performer

Rainbow Kester – Writer, Performer

Kim McLeod – Project Director

Music in ‘My Saturday Nights’: Milkshake by Johnathon M. Horner (Beat Mekanik). Used under Creative Commons 4.0 International. Music available at: freemusicarchive.org


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